Tips and Tricks to Crack NEET Entrance Examination

Tips and Tricks to Crack-NEET Examination

Overview on NEET Entrance Paper

Before understanding the Tips To Crack NEET Exam let Overview the NEET, The NEET is a national eligibility entrance test and NEET(UG – Undergraduate), which the national testing agency(NTA) conducts for becoming the MBBS, BDS, Ayush (BAMS, BUMS, BHMS.), and other new career options. It was formerly known as the All India pre-medical test(AIPMT). Once students crack the NEET exam/they can have more chances to get admission to government and private universities and pursue medical courses abroad.
NEET-UG has replaced the AIPMT and many other medical examinations conducted by the state and central government colleges. The NEET exam is conducted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the result is also announced. NEET -UG is the only exam gateway to becoming a medical aspirant. Sometimes, students need training or coaching for NEET if you need the top 10 medical coaching lists in Delhi, you can check.
Students always try to become doctors at AIIMS(All India Institutes of Medical and Science). They get the chance after cracking the NEET -UG exam because the AIIMS also hires junior executive doctors from the list of those students who have cracked the NEET medical examination.

Essential Tips and Tricks To Crack NEET Entrance Exam.

Before knowing the tips to crack NEET exam, students should know the NEET syllabus, the NEET entrance exam pattern, the negative markings, and other details.

Understand The NEET Exam Date

The Best strategy and tips to crack NEET is whenever you start to prepare for the NEET exam, you have to check the next exam date for NEET-UG. If you have an idea, you can make your Timetable for NEET so you can make what subject and topic you will cover in the given time to crack the NEET exam.

Exam Date For NEET 2024 Entrance Exam.

S.No Important NEET Events 2024 Time of Happening
01 Application For Session March 2024
02 Last Date of NEET Form April 2024
03 Fees Submit Date April 2024
04 Correction Form Last Date April 2024
05 Admit Card Release End of April 2024
06 NEET 2024 Exam Date 5th May 2024
07 NEET Result Date 1st Week of June 2024
08 Counselling Date Last Week of June 2024

Understand the NEET Exam pattern

NEET Students start the NEET examination before knowing the exam pattern.Because of that, students sometimes miss the target marks that they need to be admitted to medical universities, just as AIIMS and others to Become MBBS, BDU, BHMS, etc., but best tips is to consider NEET exam pattern as mentioned in this article.
NEET Exam pattern for 2024

Exam Pattern For NEET 2024 Entrance Exam

Pattern Total Stuffs
Total Question in NEET Exam 180
Total Marks 720 Total
is Negative Marking? Yes, Available
Marking Scheme +4/-1 Negative Marking
Section of Paper(Questions) Physics(45), Chemisty(45), Biology(90)

Understand The Syllabus of the NEET Exam

The other strategy to crack the NEET is to thoroughly understand the NEET subject and the syllabus of the NEET subject chapter and topic. You will not need to think about the new exam if you have excellent knowledge.

NEET Syllabus Included Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Tips for crack NEET Physics

To crack NEET physics, the other important trick is you have a solid 11th and 12th physics, and if you have strong physics from the 11th and 12th classes, that means this is the best strategy and tips to crack NEET physics on the first attempt; you can hear the below-mentioned strategies for the cracking NEET physics.

  • Understand all Chapter and essential topics, like (Acceleration, Force, etc) in-depth,
  • Analysed old physics papers and asked questions for NEET Physics.
  • Take the NEET physics test series free/paid is best tips.
  • Analysed your performance in physics only.

Tips To Crack Neet Chemistry

Other Tips and trick to crack NEET is the NEET Chemistry is a common subject for everyone who wants to become an MBBS, BDU, BMHS, etc.; you also have a deep understanding of this subject. When students start learning chemistry, they need clarification on complex chemical formulas and the periodic table. However, you must understand carbon because carbon is everywhere in living and nonliving things. You can check the strategy to crack NEET Chemistry.

  • Understand the periodic table in deep about(alkali metals, noble gases, lanthanides, actinides, etc. )
  • Understand every chapter and essential chemistry topics such as reactivity series, named reactions, electron configuration, etc.
  • Understand all three chemistry components: Inorganics, physical, and organic.
  • Solve regular questions on chemistry.

Tips To Crack NEET Biology

NEET biology is the most challenging subject in all three because it separates and makes their presence after the 12th class. Because of this, most of the students are stuck in need. They will start doing their preparation at any private college to become medical aspirants. However, our counsellors have suggested the best tips to crack neet biology on the first attempt.

  • Understand the biology topic chapter-wise for clearing NEET.
  • Understand the biological cycle, which is used every time.
  • Understand the living and nonliving things.
  • Marks important topics before going for the entrance exam.
  • Making your biology timetable is critical for cracking new biology.

Create your notes for cracking NEET.

“Everyone has heard the story of Woodcutter. He told every student to sharpen his AXE first”, and the same kind our counsellors are suggesting to make your notes after getting notes from different persons: College, coaching, friends, etc. Once you start making your notes, you will know where the topic has been mentioned and which topic is most important and which is not.
These tips and trick will change your life because many students have applied for them, and they have many medical exams. Trust me, you will crack your next exam on your first attempt.

Make your Timetable.

As mentioned in a previous article about Timetable For Preparation for NEET 2024, if you missed it, you can check. Once you make your Timetable, you will start following the same routine. Once you start following the same routine, you will be immune to the exact timetable. Once you are immune, it will be more attractive to every student and the number one tip to crack the new entrance exam.

Start Taking the Free/Paid NEET Test Series.

This is the other trick to crack the NEET you must join any tip test series, free or paid, to become a medical student; taking the test online will increase your performance and clear most of your doubts. The test series helps students; sometimes, it is the main tip for many students to clear the exam.

Close Solution and Solve Question Only

Close solutions solve question is other important tips to crack NEET, When you start preparing to clear the next exam, you must close your solution first because if you close it, you will be stuck with many questions. You will start researching on Google and ask the counselor or a friend. Once you start asking and googling, you will have more knowledge than other students.

Follow NCERT question To Clear NEET.

Follow the NCERT question and the books from NCERT. You will have the more basic knowledge to clear the NEET because every institute and every coach also follows the NCERT syllabus. They always try to cover everything from the NCERT given in their book. NCERT is the best book to follow to become a medical aspirant; always try to follow the next book.

Practice NEET Sample Question Paper.

NEET sample questions can be available from the market, or you can take them from google many websites. You can also get it from the NEET sample question paper, print every paper, and start solving the papers. It will help you a lot to clear neet.

Concentrate on Weeker Points

When preparing for NEET, you need to focus on your essential points, which are essential tips for clearing NEET use. If you do not focus on it, you will fight in the entrance exam room to clean new papers; bright students always prepare themselves for weaker points.

Simplifying complex formulas in shortcuts

Always try to understand every topic, but if you are stuck somewhere on any topic, you should make a short note. Once you make a short note, you can learn the notes from anywhere and anytime. The short note can be in digital or physical format.

Stick Wallpaper on the Wall with Important Topics

Whenever you think after analyzing previous papers, you can make essential formulas list, chemical reactions, and critical theories from physics, make a list on the wallpaper, and use glue to stick it on the wall to learn everything whenever you come to the study room.

Frequently Ask Question’s(FAQ’s)


Ans: To start NEET preparation, you should have the medical student capabilities to clear the NEET exam on the first attempt.
Ans: There are lots of career options. After cracking the NEET entrance exam, you can become a BHMS, MD/MS, Nursing, Nutritionist, etc.
Ans: There are lots of things you have to consider before choosing the coaching institute for NEET. You can check the Coaching batch details, fees, class type, etc.
Many coaches provide medical coaching in Delhi. However, we have listed the top 10 coaching institutes for medical preparation in Delhi working hard for their students to clear the NEET exam.

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