Are Coaching Material Enough To Crack IIT JEE Mains and Advanced Exam


Are Coaching Material Enough To Crack Engineering Entrance Exam

Introduction about the IIT JEE exam?

Today, in this article, we will understand if the coaching material is enough for cracking IIT JEE mains and for cracking IIT JEE advanced. But before that, we should understand the exams and when the agency conducts both exams.

The IIT JEE exam is India’s largest exam, which is helpful for the student to become an engineer from a reputed university like IIT, and the exam is held once a year. Students prepare before they get admission in 11th or they start preparing for IIT JEE mains when they clear their board exam.

However, some of the students start preparation in their foundation course classes. This IIT JEE exam is very tough, and it is listed in 2nd position after the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) exam.

Is Coaching Material Enough for IIT JEE Preparation?

In simple words, it all depends on students to students and coaching to coaching because someone told me early their story he was doing a study by using the audio clips from their class fellow students who have joined coaching. He also used the class study material photocopies and cracked the exam in their first attempt. You can learn how to crack IIT JEE on the first attempt.

As per my suggestion, I always say to crack the IIT JEE exam on the first attempt. It would help if you did not depend only on the coaching study material. When it will be, any coaching does not matter. It would help if you started preparation for the coaching institute material, and then you can check other coaching study materials using a Xerox copy.

Except for Study material, what you should also have for IIT JEE preparation

There are many ways. It all depends from student to student. Let me introduce you to what you can do and must-have stuff for engineering entrance preparation.

  1. Study material: You should always have because if you have coaching study material, you will have a way to start from somewhere because study material will always help you to understand what is running behind in the course.
  2. Test Series: You should always have the test series subscription from any coaching institute, or you can use the margshree test series for IIT JEE entrance exam preparation. It will help you crack the IIT exam and boost students’ confidence before sitting in the examination hall for IIT JEE mains or advanced.
  3. Mock Test: Except only physical and digital study material. Candidate should also have the mock test from any reputed coaching and should discuss every mock test paper. It will increase your inner confidence and give you an idea about how to solve the questions.
  4. Previous Paper: You should have a prior report with the study material, which will help you a lot because sometimes a single mark is important for the candidate, and a single pattern will increase by repeating the question paper. It would help to have all the previous paper solutions at your fingertips.
  5. Group Discussion: If your friend circle is good and all the colleagues are serious about cracking engineering coaching, then it means you must discuss every topic where you are stuck because if someone gives you an idea about how that topic can easily be understood, it will help the candidate and cutting the time

How to choose the best Coaching Study Material for IIT JEE Preparation

Choosing the best study material for cracking IIT JEE is not easy because it will consider many factors, and all will depend on both the candidate and the coaching.

List of must-haves in study material that coaching provides

  1. Complete Syllabus: The coaching study material should have a whole syllabus in their IIT JEE study material. If it is not, it means the study material is not good enough, and the candidate should not use that and should avoid the same study material.
  2. Previous paper: The study material you purchase from any coaching institute should have the complete last year’s report with answers because it will help to understand what exam pattern students should focus on.
  3. Mock test: The coaching institute should have the study material for the IIT JEE mock test; the mock test does not only help the candidate to understand every topic, but it should also help the candidate to understand the question format.
  4. Review for material: The coaching institute should have a review of the study material that coaching provides, and students can check by searching on Google “IIT JEE study material review” + “Coaching Name”.


The only study material from any coaching institute is not enough to crack the IIT JEE exam, whether it will be the exam or the main exam. Students should buy study material + mock test + test series from one coach or candidate from different universities, which cover all the IIT JEE syllabus and all previous year question papers with the answer.

Frequently Ask Question’s(FAQ’s)


Ans: Margshree is the number one coaching institute in Delhi for preparation for IIT JEE mains, and IIT JEE advanced and helps students to crack the exam on the first attempt.
Ans: No, If you do not have trusted coaching material, you should re-consider your main exam study material and collect other stuff from your colleagues.
Ans: It will be enough to crack the IIT JEE exam if you have multiple coaching staff or multiple staff from a single coaching institute.
Margshree is Delhi’s number 1 coaching institute that provides IIT JEE coaching in Laxmi Nagar.
Ans: Yes, in Margshree coaching study material, we have a module where we offered the important questions in study material with the previous year’s paper for IIT JEE.

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