How to Start Preparation for CUET 2024

How to Start CUET preparation

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a highly competitive exam that allows admission to elite institutions and universities. If you’re planning to take the CUET admission in, it’s crucial to start your preparation for cuet early. Aspiring to join CUET and appearing for the CUET exam it’s important to prepare for cuet effectively. In this article, We mention below some effective points to letting know you how to start your preparation for CUET exam with the right approach and a well-structured plan, you can set yourself up for success.

Lets Understand What is CUET?

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a standardized examin approx over two nation conducted annually for admission into various colleges and universities. It assesses a candidate’s aptitude in areas such as mathematics, English, logical reasoning, and general knowledge. The entrance test will conduct through online test that will be approx over two hours in the two shifts(Morning and afternoon). Delhi University, Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Millia Islamia along with Jawaharlal Nehru University, are some of the major universities that will participate in the CUET.

Syllabus,Exam Pattern Patter For CUET Preparation

The CUET Exam is a highly anticipated opportunity for aspiring students to secure admission to their desired institutions. Understanding the exam’s structure, syllabus, and pattern is vital for effective preparation.

The CUET exam is a highly competitive entrance examination conducted for admission to undergraduate engineering programs at CUET. The CUET program has been successfully completed in Phases 1 to phase 4. NTA has commenced the CUET Phase 5 exam on the 9th of June. Candidates can look up the CUET exam details and exam papers for all exam shifts. A complete CUET exam report is up-to-date here to cover Science, Commerce, Humanities, Language and General Test Check Full CUET Syllabus.

Tips for Cuet exam

Start your CUET preparation by thoroughly understanding the syllabus, exam structure, and pattern of the CUET exam. Gather the official CUET syllabus and exam guidelines provided by the university. Analyze the weightage given to each subject and focus on topics that carry more marks. This will help you strategize your study plan accordingly.

CUET Exam pattern For CUET Preparation

Particulars Details
Exam Name Common University Entrance Test (CUET)
Duration 2 Hours Exam
Mode of Exam Online (CBT)
Number of Sections Section 1st: Languages (40 Questions to be marked out of 50 Questions)
Section 2nd: Domain-Specific (40 Questions to be marked out of 50 Questions)
Section 3rd: General Test (50 Questions to be marked out of 60 Questions)
Exam Language The exam will be conducted in 13 languages

Candidates must be aware that for the subjects of Commerce, Humanity, Science Chemistry, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics as well as General Test the time provided is 60 minutes. For all other subjects, the duration is 45 minutes.

It is also worth noting that the NTA has also approved the scoring scheme for the CUET exam in. According to the official notice the exam will have 5 marks given for each correct attempt, while one mark will be taken off for each incorrect attempt. But, there is no penalties for questions that are not attempted.

CUET marking scheme

Answer type Marks
Right Answer +5 marks
Wrong answer -1 mark
Unattempted questions 0 (no negative marking)

CUET Exam Structure

The table below shows the structure of the exam in terms of the number of questions in each section, along with the duration.

Section Duration Question Types
Section IA 45 minutes for each language Language to be tested through Reading Comprehension based on different types of passages–Factual, Literary and Narrative (Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary)
Section IB
Section II 45 Minutes for each Domain-Specific Subject MCQ Based Questions
MCQs based on NCERT Class 12 syllabus only
Section III 60 minutes Input text can be used for MCQ Based Questions
General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning (Simple application of basic mathematical concepts arithmetic/algebra geometry/mensuration/stat taught till Grade 8), Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Also, keep update about change syllabus, exam patters etc., from official website of CUET CUET NTA NIC

Make a study plan:

Creating a well-organized study plan is crucial for effective preparation. Divide your time wisely among different subjects based on the syllabus and your strengths and weaknesses. Set achievable targets for daily, weekly, and monthly study goals. Allocate sufficient time for revision and practice. A study plan will keep you on track and ensure comprehensive coverage of all topics.

Strengthen your basics:

Before diving into advanced concepts, it is important to have a strong foundation.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the basics before moving on to complex topics.

Strengthening your basics will provide a solid framework for solving advanced problems in the exam.

Improve your speed and accuracy

Time management is crucial during the CUET exam. Practice solving questions under timed conditions to improve your speed and accuracy.

Regularly attempt mock tests and previous years’ question papers to get accustomed to the exam format and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Focus on improving your time management skills without compromising on accuracy.

Enhance your general awareness

In addition to the core subjects, it is important to stay updated with current affairs, general knowledge, and recent developments in science and technology.

Read newspapers, magazines, and online resources to enhance your general awareness.

Stay updated with national and international news, technological advancements, and important events that can potentially be asked in the exam.

List Out The Colleges You Wish To Target

Apart from CUET, make a list of other engineering colleges you wish to target. Research the admission criteria, eligibility requirements, and exam patterns for these colleges. Familiarize yourself with their syllabus and prepare accordingly. This will broaden your options and increase your chances of securing admission to a reputed engineering institution. Also find best coaching for CUET preparation to enhance your study on next level because college study is not enough for preparation.

Affordable Mode of Learning Online and Offline

When it comes to preparing for the (CUET) or any other entrance exam, there are several affordable modes of learning available, both CUET online classes and CUET offline classes, its all depend on you which one classes you likes

Stay positive and confident

Maintaining a positive mindset and confidence is essential throughout your exam preparation journey. Believe in your abilities and stay motivated. Surround yourself with a supportive environment and seek guidance from mentors or teachers whenever required.

Stay focused, practice regularly, and trust your hard work. Positivity and confidence will help you perform better during the exam.

Remember, consistent effort, discipline, and determination are key to success. Stay focused, stay motivated, and believe in your abilities. Good luck with your preparation for CUET!