Best Tips For Cracking IIT JEE Exam By AIR Toppers

Checklist For Cracking IIT JEE Exam In First Attempt

How to Crack IIT JEE Exam(Mains and Advance) in First Attempt

Cracking JEE Mains and JEE Advance is not easy for everyone, but it’s also not a tough . It can be easy possible if the students want to break both exams in the first attempt. We at Margshree have a coaching institute in laxmi nagar for iit jee  for both IIT JE mains and iit jee advance, where our students have cracked the IIT JEE exam through an online and offline batch in a single attempt.

10 Basic Tips You Should Write Down While Starting IIT JEE Preparation

1. Start Early: Start Early is essential and crucial for success in cracking the IIT JEE exam on the first attempt. Begin it as early as possible after passing the 10th class before the result because it will give you more and more time to cover the whole syllabus and allow you to protect all your syllabus and revision time. It also helps the students to reduce the pressure and stress during the last month of the iit jee exam, whether it will be the mains or the advance. The start early stage help to build strong command of all the subjects for the students.

2. Understand the Full Syllabus: if you are preparing for the IIT JEE mains exam before preparation, or between the practice, students should always understand the whole syllabus topic by topic, Subject by Subject, Chemical, and Mathematics Formula in deep knowledge. It will help you to crack the exam for IIT JEE mains. If you are preparing for IIT JEE advance, then you should know the previous main topics and the next issue for advanced coaching. 

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3. Create Study Daily Timetable Routine: Creating a daily routine will help you manage and maintain the whole iit jee syllabus. It should be made whenever you are starting the iit jee preparation. We have created the study plan for iit jee preparation. You can check our timetable which we suggest to students for iit jee preparation timetable.

4. Use the Proper Study Material: Choosing and Selecting suitable study materials and resources for your preparation accessible the best way to crack the iit jee exam. You can choose reputed textbooks, reference books, and study materials recommended by experienced teachers or coaching institutes. Join Coaching offline or online, whatever suits you, and utilize their online test series daily or test paper  and ask them questions about your doubts.

Margshree IIT JEE Coaching FEES

5. Practice Practice Practice: Regular practice is essential to crack the JEE exam. Solve several IIT JEE questions, including the previous year’s papers and mock tests referred by old. Focus on conceptual and numerical problems to strengthen your understanding and problem-solving skills. Regular practice will improve your confidence and ensure you also have the cracking iit jee exam.

6. Time Management: Develop practical time management skills to optimize your study hours. Allocate time-based on the importance and difficulty level of each Subject and topic. Break your study sessions into smaller time slots with short breaks for better focus. Prioritize challenging cases and allocate more time to them. Practice time-bound mock tests to improve your speed and efficiency.

7. Stay Healthy and Focused: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Sleep well, eat nutritious meals, and exercise regularly to stay fit and refresh. Avoid excessive stress and maintain a positive mindset. Practice relaxation techniques or mindfulness exercises to stay focused during your study sessions. Take short breaks for physical activities or hobbies to refresh your mind.

8. Get Proper Sleep, Eat Healthy: Take care of your physical and mental well-being. Ensure you get enough sleep to rejuvenate your mind. Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated to maintain optimal energy levels.

Margshree IIT JEE Coaching FEES

9. When Feeling Low, Talk to Your Parents or Teachers: it is normal for parents to the students sometimes feel law. I also felt direction when preparing for iit jee and wanted to crack the exam within the month. At that time, I talked with my parent and other family members. They always support me on it, and after the discussion, I feel refreshed.

10. Be Determined and Stay Positive: Believe in your abilities and maintain a positive attitude throughout preparation. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Stay motivated and focused on your goal.

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Frequently Ask Question’s(FAQ’s)


Ans: Yes, it is possible to crack IIT on the first attempt with dedicated preparation, proper planning, and consistent hard work. Many students have achieved this feat in the past.
Ans: The ideal time to begin coaching for IIT JEE is typically during the 11th grade of high school. However, it ultimately depends on your circumstances and preparedness. Starting early gives you an advantage in terms of covering the syllabus thoroughly.
Ans: The number of study hours required varies from student to student. Generally, it is recommended to have a disciplined study routine and dedicate 6-8 hours of focused study daily. However, the quality of study matters more than quantity. Efficient and effective study sessions yield better results.
Ans: A weak student can get into IIT with the right approach and consistent effort. It is important to identify weaknesses, seek help when needed, and work on improving gradually. With proper guidance and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals.
Ans: Financial constraints should not be a barrier to pursuing education at IIT. The institutes offer various scholarships and financial aid programs to support economically disadvantaged students. Additionally, there are initiatives to provide access to quality education for underprivileged students.

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