Last Minute Revision Tips For JEE Mains & Advance 2022

Last Minute Revision Tips For JEE Mains & Advance 2022

IIT JEE Mains which is considered one of the toughest exams and is taken by thousands of engineering aspirants, is almost around the corner as the first phase of the exam is scheduled to be conducted from April 16 to April 21 2022.

To clear this exam and get into the top-most engineering institutions of the country, students enrol themselves in IIT coaching classes when they are in class 10th. Still, last-minute revision tips can help them crack the exam for which they study rigorously.

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Last Minute Revision Tips For JEE Mains & Advance 2022

Against this backdrop, consider some of the last minute revision tips for JEE Mains and Advance 2022.

Prepare A Schedule

While exams are around the corner, the students must maintain mental peace. This can be achieved by preparing a schedule wherein the students start eating healthy and get enough sleep. Furthermore, they should take short meditation breaks to remain calm and focused and reduce fatigue.

Take Mock Tests On Daily Basis

Students should take mock tests daily after completing their course in the last few days before the exam. This gives them the real experience of what their test would look like and gives them confidence. The quick results that the aspirants get after mock tests give them a clear view of their weaknesses, which they can focus on to perform their best. When students solve these sample papers in a simulated examination environment, considering the time, they get the speed and accuracy to take the exam. It also helps them to manage their time.

Do Not Doubt Your Preparation

There are times even when students who prepare rigorously for three years are unable to crack the exam. That’s because students at the last moment start doubting their preparation which, instead of boosting their confidence, results in making them feel underconfident. Thus, self-doubt is something which the students should never involve themselves in at the last moment.

The Final Thought

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