Common Preparation Mistakes For IIT JEE Students

common mistakes during IIT JEE preparation

8 Common Preparation Mistakes For IIT JEE Students

2. Do Not Run After Different Material: Most of the students, while preparing for IIT JEE, try to collect study material from everywhere and often get stressed at the end. This proves to be a big waste of time & effort. JEE Exam never tests your comprehension on topics that are not even a part of the syllabus. All it does is ask you questions based on the topics that are mentioned in your syllabus. Thus, to ensure that you excel, all you need to do is stick to the IIT JEE mains syllabus and take guidance from the best coaching institute for IIT JEE. 

3. Solving Tough Questions & Paying Less Attention To NCERT Books: While preparing, aspirants only think of solving tough questions thinking that doing this will help them get to their dream college. But this is not true. The secret to excelling is by making NCERT your Bible. NCERT Books should be the closest to you and should be considered the most significant guide while you prepare. Most of the questions are framed directly and ditto from the NCERT Books. Taking them lightly can cost you heavily in the exam. 

4. Ignoring The Subjects That You Find Difficult: All of us often tend to keep the topics or chapters that we find difficult for another time. Students often say, “I know that I cannot score more in this, so let me study something that I find interesting.” This can, however, be detrimental in the long term especially when the exams are approaching. If you find a particular topic or concept difficult, then you should immediately join online coaching for IIT JEE to save yourself from this. 

5. Opting For A Cheap Coaching Institute: Another common preparation mistake that IIT JEE aspirants make is Students often tend to get lured by institutes that charge fewer fees than IIT JEE coaching institutes that charge more fees. These gullible students get trapped in this abusive situation. This is one trap that students should not fall into. In these institutes, the faculty is below average & the teachers do not make much effort to ensure that all the concepts are crystal clear. This is harmful to the aspirants. Thus, they should avoid this mistake and opt for the best IIT JEE coaching institute such as Margshree to ensure they are in the right hands. 

6. Comparing Yourself  With The Topper: In one of the most competitive exams like IIT JEE, it is imperative for students to stay motivated all the time. But instead of remaining motivated, the aspirants often tend to compare themselves with the topper. This act is detrimental for them as they get demotivated in their next attempt and do not perform the way they should. In Fact, they should seek motivation from themselves as well as from their teachers, mentors & peers.

7. Not Asking Doubt: Students often feel shy about asking their doubts, thinking about what others would think about their intellect. This is one thing that should be avoided. Instead, aspirants should feel free to resolve all their queries. At Margshree, even during the online classes, students can ask their doubts during the course & can also contact their teachers after the class. 

8. Neglecting health and well-being: No matter how important studying is, neglecting your health and well-being can make you less prepared. Your focus and concentration may suffer as a result of poor nutrition, too much stress, and lack of sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy meals, exercise frequently, and take quick breaks for yourself to relax and refresh.

The Last Word 

We know the dream that every IIT JEE aspirant has when they choose to study engineering at the best-reputed college, and we also understand the heartbreak that they go through when they score low. Thus to ensure that their dreams get fulfilled, we at Margshree aim the best for our students. Together with their efforts, we put our efforts too to ensuring that no stone is left unturned in their preparation.