Tips To Crack NEET & IIT JEE

tips to crack itt jee and neet examination

“Doctors since times immemorial are considered as god and the role that is being played by them currently in these times of pandemic has made everyone believe that they are the real superhero’s”. An aspirant who aims for a career that involves saving millions of lives irrefutably is required to have the traits of diligence, hard work as well as a passion for the medical profession.

To achieve this, candidates are required to qualify the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test(NEET) conducted by the National Testing Agency. This opens up their chances of getting admission into the reputed medical as well as dental colleges in India.

Thus it becomes crucial for the aspirants to put their best step forward while appearing for National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test 2020. However, amongst this coronavirus pandemic outbreak everyone’s life has come at a standstill. Even those appearing for the upcoming NEET exam are worried due to the closure of the coaching institute.

Amid this uncertainty, the postponement of the exam came the as good news. Earlier the national eligibility cum entrance test for the under graduation course 2020 was scheduled to be conducted on 3rd May 2020. However, due to the outbreak of this pandemic, it has been rescheduled for July 26, 2020.

As a result of an appeal by hundreds of applicants and in view of the never flattening CoVID 19 curve, the National Testing Agency has rescheduled the dates for NEET from July 26’2020 to September 13’2020. As a result of an appeal by hundreds of applicants and in view of the never flattening CoVID 19 curve, the National Testing Agency has rescheduled the dates for NEET from July 26’2020 to September 13’2020.

While this hustle continues, we have made an attempt to figure out some quintessential prep tips to excel in NEET 2020. These tips will definitely guide the aspirants to prepare their study schedule, manage their time.

Tips To Prepare For NEET & IIT-JEE 2021

Often considered as one of the most difficult competitive exams, the national entrance eligibility test is given by loads of aspiring doctors. But only a few students get the opportunity to be admitted in top medical colleges. Every applicant works hard but its smart work that pays off and given below are some of the tips that can help you to see your name in the list of meritorious students.

Prepare Your Schedule Well

The very first step towards building a comprehensive strategy for cracking NEET 2020 is making a smart study schedule. Students who are even good at studies often fail to crack the exam due to the lack of a good NEET preparation plan. It is impossible to qualify for the exam without proper management. Owing to the vast syllabus, the aspirants are under a mandate to build a work schedule with which the students can concentrate on finishing the syllabus within the set target time.

The trick here is dividing the topics for each day. This should be done in a manner that the aspirants pick easy topics of one subject as well as the tough ones for the other. Superficial targets often lead to disappointment and affect your performance. Thus they should only set realistic ones so that there is no possibility of piling the tasks.

Be Well Versed With The Content Of The Question Paper

Since the syllabus forms the bases on which the entire schedule of a candidate is based, it becomes crucial for the students to be well versed with it. The entire preparation would be futile if the aspirants are not even aware of the sections, chapters as well as concepts that will come in the test.

NEET as well as Board syllabus have some common topics. This means that they only have to prepare for the topics that are not in the syllabus. Thus all those who intend to become doctors are required to have an in-depth knowledge of what they have to study.

Have The Knowledge Of Best Books

The most crucial component of any exam is good to study material as well as the books. Thus the best tip to crack NEET 2020 is to refer to the best possible books to crack NEET. Since the exam revolves highly around the NCERT syllabus, it becomes imperative for the aspirants to focus more on the NCERT Books.

Thus these books should be considered as a bible. Also for clearing other basic concepts, the aspirants are required to refer to the study material that the Medical Council Of India recommends. If they are lucky enough to study further, they can also approach their mentors and teachers for help.

Be Aware Of The Chapter Wise Weightage

Because of the vast syllabus, the students are in a dilemma as to which topics they should focus on. Thus another tip is being well versed with the chapter wise weightage that is based on the analysis of the previous year question papers. This allows the candidates to identify the topics that require most of the attention whereas the others that require least.

Do Not Attempt The Questions You Are Not Sure Of

Accuracy is what leads you to success in the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. This helps to avoid negative marking in the actual exam as it leads to losing 1 mark. Thus they should not do any guesswork in case they are not sure of the solution. To avoid this, the students should first try to eliminate the options of the confusing question.

Further, they should analyze the mistakes that they often make in the mock tests. For all this, it is very crucial to engage yourself in a lot of mock tests that are easily available online. Margshree Coaching also provides online test series with the help of which the candidate can get the required accuracy.

Study As Well As Practice Regularly

It is often said that practice makes a man perfect. Thus all those who are appearing for NEET should practice about 90 questions of previous year papers daily. After that, they should further check as well as analyze their mistakes. It is also important to mark difficult questions for revision.

All the topics which they consider tough should be revised again. Margshree Coaching provides NEET Coaching and online test series which comprises of all the previous year papers. This gives the students a clarity on what they have to study as well as how they have to.

Attempt Full-Length Mock Tests

Time constraint is the greatest challenge of the medical entrance exam. Within a stipulated time of 180 minutes, the students are required to solve 180 questions. To be an expert in this and to boost confidence, they must take tests regularly. This allows them to figure out the best strategy to attempt the paper to maximize their NEET Result. While attempting mock tests, make sure that you do not take any break. Do not forget to assess your performance to spot your weak areas.

Spot Your Weak Areas And Excel In Them

Candidates are weak on different topics. However, if working hard can help them to overcome the weakness and for sure get success. Thus during NEET preparations, the most crucial fact is that they should work on basic concepts as well as dedicate time to weak areas. For this, it is necessary to attempt the previous year’s papers to study topics based on which questions are asked in the papers. They can also take help from mentors as well as teachers. During this lockdown, Margshree Coaching’s online classes aid the aspirants to improve their weak areas.

To Make Your Revision Easy, Prepare Short Notes

To save time during the exam, make sure to make short notes while preparing for NEET 2020. They can use flow charts, diagrams as well as short tricks for learning biology. Further derivations, as well as formulas, should be written to be revised again during the exam time.

While revising, the candidates bookmarking the topic name as well as the subject name means referring again easily at the time of the exam. To improve the power of memorizing, the students can opt for writing short notes to retain things easily during the exam time.

The Final Thought

Entering into this noble profession of saving the lives of people involves a lot of hard work as well as perseverance. However, following the tips can help you sail through this exam easily. Further Margshree coaching is the best NEET coaching that can guide you in the best possible manner

To help you in this uncertain time, we have resorted to providing online classes that are taught by experienced as well as meritorious faculty qualified from top medical colleges. Being taught both in a live interactive as well as recorded forms, students while attending lectures can easily resolve their doubts during or after the lectures. The content that is provided for studying is prepared personally by our faculty.

To ensure that you understand whatever is being taught we provide you with online tests on a regular basis. Not only this, but our mock test series are also available in the form of online tests and the students can subscribe to them too if they want extra practice on various aspects.

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