Best Online Coaching For NEET & IIT Droppers

Best coaching for NEET & IIT droppers

Thousands of students dream of entering into the noble profession by clearing NEET or making their parents proud by getting into the prestigious IIT by clearing the JEE Main & Advance exam.

Unfortunately, the availability of a limited number of seats in medical & engineering colleges often results in the shattering of the dreams of many students. The fact of a limited number of seats in NEET & IIT JEE makes this exam fascinating.

Aspirants who fail to prepare for college for the last few years wholeheartedly often opt for taking a drop year & hunt for the best online coaching for NEET & IIT.

Thus, Margshree, with its online coaching classes for IIT JEE & NEET, is here for all those NEET & IIT JEE drop-out aspirants who have been highly disappointed with themselves because still not making it to their dream college.

The article below in detail gives reasons as to why Margshree online coaching is the best for NEET & IIT droppers.

Things You Should Think Before Choosing Best Online Coaching For NEET & IIT Droppers

Let us have a close look at what it has to offer in its online coaching:

Unique Innovative System of Notes: Providing paragraphs in black ink on white papers for every topic is not our way of delivering notes. Margshree believes in imparting lectures to students online and believes in ensuring that they feel like studying their notes again & again.

Therefore, while drafting notes, our teachers include various tables, flow charts, and other innovative methods, helping the students retain and understand the concepts in a better form. Our study material consists of rich content for every topic. Mind Maps, as well as Study Planner, forms part of it.


Comprehensive Teaching Methodology: A good teacher with his/her teaching methodology can make a student fall in love with any subject that can help them achieve success in the long run. Our teachers, while teaching at Margshree, keep this ideology in their minds. They adopt the method that consists of a theory that is coupled with essential fundamentals.While teaching formulas, they take the aid of solved/unsolved examples/illustrations and derivations. CBSE syllabus takes 60% of the lectures, whereas, in 40% of the lessons, basic NEET & JEE Main & Advanced concepts are taught.

Interactive Live Classes: Online coaching for IIT or NEET in Margshree does not mean providing videos to the students, but here it means delivering lectures live. All our lectures are produced using this form only, which promotes interactive classroom learning. Students do not study in isolation but at the comfort of their home by constantly being in touch with the teachers. However, if they cannot take any lecture scheduled at that time, they have access to recorded classes.

Renowned Highly Qualified Faculty: Margshree assures NEET & IIT Aspirants of its faculty. Our highly qualified teachers have a minimum experience of 5 years in the subjects that they teach. They are well aware of all the nitty-gritty of the subject & comprise retired professors, Ph.D. scholars, and doctorates.

Special Sessions for Clearing Doubts: Students have the privilege of clearing their doubts whenever they want to by easily connecting with the faculty & requesting them to arrange a special session. Margshree assures you to act on that request to ensure that all the concepts/topics become crystal clear.

Weekly Mock Tests: After the teacher teaches a particular topic, students must attend the mock tests conducted weekly. Margshree not only believes in resorting to a formality of conducting mock tests. Our teachers personally assess the mock result of every student & then accordingly give feedback to make them aware of their current level of understanding of a particular topic.

Detailed Question Bank: After the course ends, students are given detailed, comprehensive question banks that consist of various types of questions that are important for them to get into their dream profession/college.

The Last World

We all know how Covid has had a profound impact on everyone’s financial stability. At Margshree, by providing its online coaching classes for NEET & IIT at affordable prices, we are doing our bit to help all those who have gone through the trauma of financial instability and career instability.