How to Choose Best Coaching For IIT JEE In Delhi

How to Choose Best Coaching For IIT JEE In Delhi

Why you should consider coaching For IIT JEE Course

Delhi is the capital of india, one of the main cities in NCR, which cover many other states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. In this blog post, we will inform you about the best factors you should consider before choosing any coaching in delhi for your IIT JEE course. Nowadays, people are learning the course from a different way of technology. Some people learn from youtube, and some people learn from another platform.

But the coaching institute is the main important factor for students life where the students learn different techniques and make new friends which helps them consider and take another decision on their life. Other students or friends also help to make JEE course a fun way to study, but youtube or other platforms do not provide this.

Important Factors Should Keep Mind before Choosing IIT JEE Coaching

Important Factors Should Consider before Choosing IIT JEE Coaching

Year of coaching: Before choosing best coaching for IIT JEE classes, you should check the coaching year of establishment. Most of the coaching has mentioned the year of establishment in their website footer(Below the website) part where the students can check the year of establishment of the coaching institute. 

We at Margshree we are in delhi for the last 20 years and have had a great experience providing classes for the IIT JEE course. We have much knowledge about the IIT considered for giving exams to the students, and we always try to cover all important factors in all the batches.

Teachers’ experience: Students always consider the teacher the coach has, and their experience before choosing any coaching for the course they teach is the important factor because they will interact with you daily to teach you the IIT JEE course. The coaching should provide different teachers with different syllabus. The physics teachers be different, and the mathematics and chemistry teachers should be different.

We at Margshree have more than 20 teachers for the IIT JEE Course, teaching you different subjects per their speciality. If the students want to consider another teacher for understanding a deep subject, we will change in between and provide the teacher to them as per the requirement. We have listed some of the best teachers for iit jee coaching. You can check on the link.

Study Material: Study material is another main important factor. At the same time, consider any coaching for your IIT course. The study material should be the best in all over the delhi coaching because it will help you learn the syllabus/subject easily. The study material should be in a way which tells you how you should start from and what the last point you should consider. 

We at Marsghree have provided the IIT JEE study material in our course, which will be covered in the coaching fees structure. There is no hidden charge after it, and we have built our study material in a way you should always want for your study. We have covered all important topics, All previous year’s papers, more than 20-year-old papers, Our test papers etc. 

Students Feedback: Before choosing any coaching, you should check whether the student’s feedback to the coaching is good or not, and you should check it in deep because nowadays, people have started to buy revenues from the people who provide them, and you should not consider those reviews, Some reviews will divert your mind, and you should ignore if they are from the coaching competitors. 

The margshree has a review on their Google profile and other platforms like JUST Dial and Sulekha.

Test Series: The test series is one of the most important factors while choosing the coaching because it will help you to check your ability to crack the IIT JEE exam on the first attempt. Also, you can check whether their website’s test series has been linked. Also, you can check if they have free demo series, one more thing you can check about that series is whether it is included in the course becasue coaching is now selling test series at a hidden charge. However, in margshree, we provide the free test series for iit jee, which includes coaching fees.

Previous Result: The result always matters because it tells you the reality of that coaching; if the website has mentioned the student’s result, that demands the coaching is transparency, and they have some good previous results also, but if they do not mention it, that means they do not have good enough result in the previous year. You can check Margshree all the results we have mentioned because we are the number one coaching in delhi results here.

Fees Structure: The fee structure is the most important part, the main point you should consider before choosing to coach for your iit jee course. You should check if there are any hidden charges or not in fees. Also, you should check if to have low fees or not. If they have low fees, that means they do not have the quality of results for students. If they have high fees, they have the quality of results. However, they always prioritize the fees only if the coaching has only medium level fees, which means the coaching has good enough quality of result, and they care for students also. You can check the margshree coaching fee structure for IIT JEE coaching

Classes Online or Offline: The point is that the class coaching provides online classes/batches for the students currently taking an offline class or those who want to learn from a different location. If the coaching has an online classes module, it will be good because sometimes students want to switch from offline batch to online batch, and sometimes they want to take offline batch only. Yes, amrgshree has both the things you can choose any time.

Syllabus Cover: The syllabus is also an important factor before considering the coaching for the IIT JEE because it’s the main factor for students’ life. If the coaching does not cover the syllabus in the time they mentioned at the beginning of the joining day, they are cheating on you. Because of that, margshree has given you the guarantee for covering the syllabus before the exam so the students can revise everything before their entrance exam.

Batch and Class details(Regular, Weekend, Crash Course): Before choosing the coaching, the students should also check the batch details for IIT JEE on the website as if the coaching is providing the Regular batch, Weekend batch, and Crash course or not because sometimes students just choose to charge without considering this thing. 

You should also check if they have weekly and daily classes because sometimes, because of some incident, students do not go to coaching in the offline batch, and they want weekend classes. In that case, if coaching is declined, it’s not good, then it means you should ask the coaching about it is there any weekend and daily classes available or not.

Margshree has all kinds of batches which you can choose as per your requirement, and you can discuss it on the day we call you after getting your enquiry. For an enquiry, click here.


The above is the main important factor students should consider before choosing the coaching institute before selecting any coaching for their IIT JEE course. If the coaching meets all the things the above mentions, it means you should select that coaching for your career. The main conclusion is that you should consider the points before choosing the coaching.