Difference Between IIT JEE and NEET, Which One You Should Choose

Difference Between IIT JEE and NEET


Deciding the right path for students is highly tough when they do not know about the difference between the IIT JEE and NEET, The IIT JEE and NEET both are exams that students can choose for their best career but before choosing one the students should know the difference between both exam and what is the main pros and cons in both the exams.

The main difference between both IIT JEE and NEET is the IIT JEE is an exam which is the government conduct for students who wants to become engineer, If the students want to become engineering or the students want to become researcher, professors in the technology industry can choose the IIT JEE for their career, But another side the NEET exam is for those students who want to become a medical student and want to become professor, researcher in medical industry.

What are IIT JEE and NEET

Before understanding the difference between both exams let’s first understand what are both

What is IIT JEE: IIT JEE is an Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination and is the most important exam in India for aspirants who want s to become engineering in the future. The exam will help you to get the best college/universities where you can learn advanced techniques and the fees also have limited as compared to private universities.

Is IIT JEE Really Difficult? How to Crack It Easily?

If you love solving mathematical problems and have a dream to become creative making gadgets and increasing new technology with the help of artificial intelligence then IIT JEE will be the best for you to become the same. IIT JEE is a successful journey that opens a number of a door in the computer industry as well as aerospace engineering.

What is NEET: NEET is a National Eligibility cum Entrance Test and it is a main door that opens career options for those students who want to make their career in the medical industry, If the students want to become medical students and want to become doctors, surgeons, and dentists then you should choose NEET. If the students love solving problems in biology like chemical reactions in chemistry and love to do the most for their friends you can also help them after becoming a doctor.

Key Differences Between IIT JEE and NEET


Focus Engineering: The IIT JEE is for becoming an engineer Medical: The NEET is for the best for becoming Medical Students
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics: Physics and Chemistry both are common in both IIT JEE and NEET but mathematics is an extra subject in IIT JEE Physics, Chemistry, Biology: Physics and Chemistry both are common in both IIT JEE and NEET but biology is an extra subject in IIT JEE
Eligibility For engineering colleges like IITs For medical and dental colleges
Difficulty Challenging with math subject Challenging with biology subject
Career Path aerospace Engineering, technology, Medical professionals like doctors, surgeons, and dentists.

Learn the Difference Between IIT and JEE

Pros and Cons of IIT JEE and NEET

pros and cons of iit jee and neet

Pros and Cons of IIT JEE

Pros(Advantages) of IIT JEE Cons(Disadvantages) of IIT JEE
Salary: Engineer Can make Decent Money with become a software engineer and AI engineer. Highly Tough: To become a perfect engineer you have to crack the IIT JEE exam
Freelancers: After Cracking IIT JEE you can become a freelancer and work for your own clients Full-day sitting: You have to sit on a chair for most of the time more than 18 hours
Complex Work Schedule: You will have a complex work schedule day or not. Sometimes Suck: Sometimes you freeze with the clients and work day and night
Open Doors: There are lots of doors that open after cracking IIT JEE Competition: Engineering has lots of competitions because private colleges
Opportunities: You will get lots of opportunities in IIT JEE like becoming a Software, architecture, hardware, mechanical engineer, and more. Highly Tough: Required highly intension and lots of time to become an engineer.
Diverse Field: Diverse field gives an opportunity to students earn more. Limited Focus: Because of multiple fields students get confused after cracking IIT JEE

Pros and Cons of NEET

Pros(Advantage) of NEET Cons(Disadvantage) of NEET
Salary: Medial Students Earn lots but before they pay to medical colleges. Highly Tough: As compare to IIT the medical is highly tough
Fixed Time: Doctors can have fixed times of clinic and can work in different locations also Full-day sitting: You have to sit on a chair for most of the time more than 18 hours
Work Schedule: The work schedule will be flexible but sometimes it sucks. Sometimes Suck: Sometimes you freeze with the patients and work day and night
Open Doors: Medical has many doors like doctors, dentists, and others Competition: There is less competition in medicine but high fees to pay students

Which is Better for Your Future IIT JEE and NEET?

Choosing one from both is very difficult sometimes for the students but we all discussed the point you should consider before choosing any one of them ITI JEE or the NEET because it will make your future or it will break. It also depends on where your hears want to become or what subject you have in your early classes and what background you have for choosing any one of them. In this topic, we will discuss some points and discuss every point for you so you can understand which one you should choose.

Interests: The first and most important is your interest in yourself, What kind of a person you are if you grow up with playing technology means you have an interest in becoming an engineer and dare to choose IIT JEE but on the other hand if you grow up with playing medical tools and have interest in medical lines you should consider the NEET.

Coaching For NEET In Delhi

Strengths: Strength is also mattered before choosing the IIT JEE or NEET if you have strength in solving mathematics questions and have a great complex problem-solving mind then you should consider IIT JEE but if you do not have strength in mathematics and have a great deep understanding in biology than your strength must be NEET. You can Test yourself by solving mock test questions from the link and you can make yourself a better decision or you can ask our counselor for it.

Lifestyle: As we have discussed above in the interesting point you should know your lifestyle what kind of a person you are, what kind of family background you have they are supporting or not, and The dream they have for you to become a medical student or engineer student. Sometimes it is also a question that students do not consider before choosing the IIT JEE and NEET.

Family Background: Family background also matters sometimes because we live in India and India there are 3 types of family are living lower class, middle class, and rich class family, You have to check your family background also what kind of family you blog about if you are a first-class family you can choose medical because the fees for colleges is very high and you can pay but for the middle class and the lower class they have to consider before choosing medical field.

The class you are in: it also depends on the students if the students are in class 9th or 10th then you have an option for choosing a stream in 11th, In the science stream you can choose biology subject which is optional or you can choose mathematics with physics and chemistry subject, if you choose biology than you will have only one option which is NEET else you will have to choose IIT JEE.

Friend Circle: Friends also matter to you if you have a group and lots of other friends are becoming medical students you can check why they are choosing the NEET and why not the other one once you check and ask them you can make your own decision.

Ask Counsellor: Margshree help students to decide whether they have chosen medical or engineering and we do not take any fees to the student it is free without paying a single rupee you have to just send us an inquiry and ask the counselor we will help you to make the decision.

CONCLUSION: Choosing Between IIT JEE and NEET is not difficult if you understand the following above difference between the two. After understanding this you can know what you should choose, Both Courses have benefits of one disadvantage also but you have to things which will be the best course as per your requirement.

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