How To Avoid Negative Marking And Silly Mistakes In IIT JEE Mains 

How To Avoid Negative Marking And Silly Mistakes In IIT JEE Mains

IIT JEE is just around the corner, and you surely do not want to regret missing the chance to get into your dream college because of scoring less due to silly mistakes.

To ensure that you score the most without making any silly mistakes and being negatively marked, the article today deals with the ways in which students can avoid negative marking and silly mistakes.

The write-up lists various things that should be completely avoided if students do not want to become prey to fewer marks.


How To Avoid Negative Marking And Silly Mistakes In IIT JEE Mains

A) Focus On Reading The Question Carefully

Silly mistakes happen if students do not read the question carefully or use different values instead of the ones are given in the question. Thus to avoid being negatively marked, students should not read the question once but twice or thrice and start solving the exact step by step.

B) Carefully Note Down The Figures and Formulas

When students are in a hurry, they note down the figures incorrectly and use the wrong formulas. All this results in them getting a wrong answer, which decreases them instead of adding to their marks. Thus to get that seat in their dream college, students should note down both the figures and formulas carefully.

C) Failing To Manage Time

Failure to manage time is a factor that acts as a catalyst in students scoring negative marks while taking the IIT JEE Mains exam. Thus, to avoid silly mistakes and score high during the exam, they should manage their time correctly instead of succumbing to pressure. However, this can be achieved by taking loads of mock tests that are similar to the exam and completing the same within the time stipulated by the National Board of Exams.

D) Attempt The Section Where You Have Strong Hold

The secret to cracking a competitive exam is hard work and smart work. One of the tips thus for avoiding silly mistakes is first attempting that section consisting of questions that the students are confident in attempting. They grow our confidence and motivate them to perform better in other Teams.


Coupled with the factors listed above, students can avoid negative markings and silly mistakes if they get guidance from experienced mentors. We at Margshree have mentors who have the tips and tricks with which students avoid silly mistakes and get a sure entry into their dream college.