IIT JEE 2017 Entrance Exam Tips

1-For preparing IIT JEE 2017 , you have to know that your marks in class 12th board exam play a vital role so you have to pay attention on class 12th board exam.
2-First of all you have to complete class 12th text books i.e. NCERT books 
3-Not west your time so many books or notes of various institutions.so that save time and pay attention on particular topics genuinely. 
4-Sharp yourself into the basic and all your fundamentals should be very clear as IIT JEE mains papers is desined to test the ability of understanding or ability of grasp of the students.
5-It is not very difficult to crack the JEE exam if you plan study properly.you have to regularly give mock tests papers.
6-For JEE advance you have to come in top 1.5 lakh students (including all categories ) who become eligible to appear for IIT (JEE) Advanced.
7-IF you are appearing for IIT JEE mains this year ,then before anything else , have faith in yourself and your hard work . Be psitive and let your mind understand that if you can dream it ,then you can definitely achieve it whith your sincere effort.

8-The preparation is a long journey so you have to sustain your good health properly . maintaining good health is essential.if you are not taking proper care of your health ,then you may sick,and suffer from weakness ,headache or fever .This may disrupt your preparation.So you have to sustain your helath properly by proper food and proper sleep.
9-It is very important to revised previous years papers to secure a position in the best IITs and NIITs of the country , You need how to hit the bull's eye precisely.
10-for the time management you have to practised sample papers available at www.margshree.com because time management is very important factors so that you may attempts all questions properly.
11-Study the questions carefully and analyes it that what he ask to you .The students probabily commited mistake at this point
12-If any question is time consuming leave it at once for later try.
13-In MATHEMATICS portions the calculus play a very important role for this you have to do thoroughly study of it .Conics section and quadratic equations ,inequality ,progression is also very important .
14-The best way as everyone says practice ,practice,practice.......
15- Mathematical logics are developed with more and more exposure, so try to utilize more and more study time in the development of logics.


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